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110 Kensington Rd
Charlottetown, PEI
C1A 5J5

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We are opening back up!
Lots of logistics and changes to our routines and protocols.

Welcome, Patients of Dr. Maureen Gowanlock!
Dr. Judson and Staff would like to welcome current or former patients of Dr. Maureen Gowanlock and Grafton street Dental to our practice.

Dr. Judson purchased Dr. Gowanlock's dental practice and Grafton Street Dental in May of 2013. All patient records have been transferred to Dr. William Judson.

We invite all current and former patients of Dr. Gowanlock and Grafton Street Dental to come in to Dr. Judson's dental clinic at 110 Kensington Road in Charlottetown. We look forward to helping you with your oral health.

New Website Launched
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Thank You

Welcome to Dr. William W. Judson's Dental Practice.

                                          8:30 to 4:30

The wait time to get an appointment with us is abnormally long. Our staff is working very hard to manage the situation and find you a home.


NOTICE: July 2020


Great to be back together!

Our Dental Clinic is committed to protecting your health and safety through Covid-19.

Our reopening plan follows the “Return to Practice Protocols for Dental Practices on PEI” established by the Dental Association of PEI and the Dental Council of PEI in accordance with the Canadian Dental Association and the Chief Health Officer of PEI

We have instituted several changes to procedures and protocols within the office that are meant for your protection and ours. Some of these changes include:

-        You will need to answer pre-screening questions prior to coming to the office as well as at time of appointment.

-        Our waiting room is closed
We ask patients to use their vehicles as a waiting room and to call the office upon arrival. One person only. Accompanying individuals must wait outside.

You will be invited in, when the operatory is prepared for you.

Office: (902) 620-7222.

-        We have hand sanitizer throughout our offices. Patients will also be required to rinse with a peroxide rinse as part of all appointments.


-        All staff are wearing proper PPE designated for each dental procedure; which may include masks, eye protection/face shields, gowns and gloves.

In some situations, it isn't possible to maintain social distancing within the office.  For this reason, we rely on the evidence of wearing a mask to reduce the spread of Covid-19.  

o   As masks are in limited supply, we are asking that patients please BRING A MASK with you and wear it in the office until you arrive in the exam room.

 We will be slower and we will be reassessing and planning every patient before any treatment is performed

We look forward to continuing to provide excellent care in a safe and welcoming environment.

Please call 902-620-7222 for any inquiries.


Dr. William Judson 


Dr. Judson practices general and cosmetic dentistry in Charlottetown.

We know that when it comes to dental care, patients need convenience and comfort.
Our office is conveniently located and easily accessible for all of our patients.
Visit us at 110 Kensington Road, where we put patient needs first. We
understand the importance of making you feel welcome and comfortable.
When you walk into our office, you will be greeted by a team of
professionals who know how to make you feel at ease and help you
relax during treatment.

We offer a balanced approach to dental care, providing attention to
patient needs and comfort while focusing on practical, evidence-based
techniques for optimum oral health and oral hygiene.

Whether you are looking for a routine cleaning or considering cosmetic
procedures, you can be assured that Dr. Judson and his team will
provide you with the best treatment for your needs.

Contact us today or request an appointment and take the first
step toward great oral health!


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